Metal Mother is playing JULY 27th at Brick & Mortar Music Hall in SF


A thorough account of Metal Mother’s collaboration with The Glitch Mob


Including news about the use of ‘Becoming Harmonious’ in the trailer for the new Tom Cruise movie, how their album debuted at #13 on Billboard, and how Ed Ma describes Metal Mother’s vocals for their second single as a “evil at the same time as angelic” /.¬†screen-capture-17

Taara Tati performing a ritual hatching at a Post Primal party

The ritual is performed to a recording of Troller’s song “Graphic”. Video was taken by Carolyn Crafty. Edited by Dylaan Bergeson

New video for Metal Mother x Glitch Mob song ‘Becoming Harmonious’

Featuring visuals by the amazing Susi Sie using lycopodium powder and a subwoofer to make cymatic art. No computer graphics whatsoever