Watch The New Music Video For ‘Pris’, Created and Directed By Chloe Feller


“The overarching narrative for this video is bearing witness to the Martyr’s transformation into Sainthood. The video serves as a metaphor for the positions women are relegated to in relationships; how we often put all of ourselves into another person and tend to carry the burden of bearing the entirety of the relationship’s emotional weight, sometimes losing ourselves (or our minds) in the process. This is worsened by the fact that these efforts often go unrecognized, but this video offers an alternative to this narrative, one in which woman is rewarded for her efforts through the ascension to glory, to sainthood.” – Chloe Feller (Director) 

A message from Metal Mother : “When Chloe approached me with the idea for this video, I had no idea executing the concept would hit me like it did. To even admit to myself (let alone publicly) that my own maternal instincts to take care of the men have been a source of my suffering has been extremely difficult, because not can it appear as weakness and foolishness, but also because it betrays those very same maternal instincts – in not protecting the men I love. For her to offer this very blatant role was a little scary – but in the last couple years I’ve become painfully aware of how important it is to give voice to the very real effect that toxic masculinity has had on woman, and how patriarchy and male dominance has silenced and weakened us for thousands of years and continues to do so. But that time is coming to an end and it’s our intention for this video to serve as a ritual for not only ourselves in our own struggles but hopefully for the universal power of the divine feminine to truly rise into equality in Power.”

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