New Live Video for ‘Angel’ Out Now on Youtube

‘Angel’ was written in 2009 by Tara Timberman (Metal Mother), and was recorded on October 10th, 2018. Please watch, like, comment, sunbscribe, and share… if you feel so inclined.

‘Angel’ was one of the first songs I wrote when I began making music in 2009. The song never seemed to fit on any of my albums, and today it stands on it’s own within my personal story of songwriting. ‘Angel‘ was written about a dear friend named Sokhak, who came and left my life in a flash. He was a crazy magnetic human I thought could accomplish anything, with an infectious lust for life that brought energy everywhere he went. Just months after I meet him, he drowned in the ocean in a freak accident. His body was never recovered. When our beloveds die unexpectedly, we grasp for answers and often turn to spiritual dimensions in hopes to connect with them. We tell ourselves, it was “just their time”, or if we believe in the afterlife, “they were more useful on the other side”. We do what we can to keep them alive through stories, songs, and prayers, and we attempt to honor their lives through our passion in grief. We hope to stay close to them as the memories grow distant, while the cycles of life, death, and renewal relentlessly remind us of the temporal nature of each breath. This song was written from that rememberence.

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