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“Like a twitch, twitching that starts in your toes and crawls up… there are some songs made for writhing around on wooden floors and somber moonless bedroom dancing. Metal Mother’s unique sonic worlds worm themselves into your brain.”

— BlackBook

“Dark, spooky melodies are layered over pulsating, seductive beats. The ambient, sexy ‘Bonfire Diaries’ would work well for a late–night road trip or an all–night make–out session….its definitely captivating.”


“Like Purity Ring x Grimes x Depeche Mode—all 80s treated guitars, a face off of industrial beats and tribal stomps, and Metal Mother’s spooked, featherlight layered vocals.”

— Noisey

“Singer Metal Mother projects a dark image. The music itself is delightfully softer.”

— Vogue

“Metal Mother is as dense as the Earth’s core, full of beautiful, eerie, unfamiliar sounds.”

— SOMA (San Francisco)

“She’s reinvented metal aesthetics for the sake of dark, tribal folk pop. ‘Bonfire Diaries’ is solid body of atmospheric pop that will certainly thrill the masses.”


“You can almost picture the woman behind the sobriquet, crouching in some foggy wooded wonderland, scooping up soil and critters, ancient buried treasures of forgotten societies and precious metals.”

— San Francisco Bay Guardian (Cover Story)

“Blown away by Oakland’s Metal Mother! RIYL: The Knife, Crystal Castles, Zola Jesus”

— Aaron Axelson, Live 105 FM (San Francisco)

“Don’t be fooled by her name. More maternal than metal.”

— USA Today

“100 percent enjoyable in that ‘I want to drive a stolen car very fast on an empty stretch of road that skirts a body of water at dusk’ sort of way. A good album to put on before or while committing a crime.”

— Vice

“Her music is insistantly primal. Her voice is so languid and woozy that her lips might be permanently puckered.”

— East Bay Express (San Francisco)

“Darkly ethereal.”

— Under The Radar

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