Why Does Your Metal Mother Even Care????

At this moment, as the earth is rioting beneath us and the powers-that-be are doing all their best to oppress the imaginations of the lovers of the world, I must address why I’m even in this game.

It boils down to this one recurring daydream where I imagine what future races will think of us should we happen to be annihilated; as they investigate the desolate remains of industrial factories, technological innovations, skyrises, amusement parks, and all the gazillions of strange and beautiful customs and traditions that they might find while digging about them. Often, when I voyage into the neighborhoods around my house in N. Oakland, I search for things in this world that I would be proud of if I was a human ghost spying on the future alien archeologists, but often, I am saddened on what I do not find. So yes, you could say I question weather its a good idea that we survive at all through this challenging and mysterious future that’s upon us. I think a lot about why I feel inclined to help humanity at all, as much of it is ugly and gross. And then as quick as I’m dismayed, my hope and pre-emtive nostalgia for our species is renewed, I am no nihilist, and there is one reason why, and thats Beauty. Which, if some anonymous wise-man is right, is in the eye of the beholder, so we all win, if we can adjust our perspectives….

So, to make my final point in this noncore rant, I’m giving my best shot at making Beauty my business, to somehow, (through my twisted mode of thinking), justify my existence. Just so happens that at this time, it’s been overwhelmingly easy to conduct it through the medium of Music. Music for You.

Thank you for bearing with that extraneous background check, please, stay in touch, for all the fun is yet to come! And thank you, srsly, for making the world a more beautiful place.

About Metal Mother

Metal Mother is in all of us.
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