Enjoying my first day off (and home!) in over a month, finally finding a moment to reflect on all the insane adventures and people I just met through my west coast tour, our Post Primal Mess Fest, and whatever other freaky encounters occurred in between. Ya’ll are too fucking beautiful! After 6 months of isolated production making ‘Ionika’, it feels sooo good to be able to share this experience with yu in the flesh. This is some kind avant garde freak art renaissance or somethin, DO YU FEEL ME???? Now to embark on some music videos, some new songs and studies, locating funding for it all, AND LOOKING INTO BOOKING A NATIONAL TOUR IN OCTOBER. All and any help is, as usual, sooo extremely appreciated. Let me know if you want me to play in your town, and if u know promoters and/or bands I should contact. One-woman reality mutation full steam ahead ./ ITS ALL FOR YOU   941750_10201397553250911_658963329_n

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