From Oakland and currently residing in Los Angeles, Ca. is Metal Mother, moniker of musician, performer, and visual artist, Taara Timberman.  Set to release her newest album in June 2018, ‘Pagan Jazz’ a 5 song EP “a homage to the disappearing underground.”

“Pagan Jazz is inspired by and written for the warehouse party world and all the absurd and whimsical fairies it attracts.” Timberman says,  “It’s a melancholic dance record”. It’s also some kind of acid drenched surrealist synth creation that beckons, but the kind of beckoning that only comes from the pearly gates: you’ve been invited because you’re dead. It’s dark, electronic, and machine heavy, but at the same time familiar, vulnerable, and motherly.

The media interest around Timberman’s first two albums – Ionika was preceded by the debut Bonfire Diaries in 2011 – made the Metal Mother point of view and sound clear to all. Idols and influences were on full display: Bjork, Siouxsie Sioux, Marina Abramovic, Alejandro Jodowrosky, and David Lynch just to name a few, and even with the word “metal” in the act’s name, no one was confused: these metals were precious, not heavy. Vice, Vogue, BUST, and BlackBook all talked about Timberman, the San Francisco Bay Guardian and Performer Magazines put her on their covers, and Timberman earned the notice of Glitch Mob, which featured her on its chart-topping song “Becoming Harmonious,” later appearing in the trailer for the Tom Cruise film “The Edge of Tomorrow.”